Is your child a budding scientist and hypothesizing

the best way to entertain their friends for their next birthday?

A Curious Kids Science Birthday Party may be the perfect solution!

CKS will come to your site, indoors or outdoors, and provide a science-themed

party for the birthday child and his/her friends.  1 - 1.5 hours of hands-on fun!! 

Every child gets to be a scientist and every child takes something home!!

The guest of honor wears an official Curious Kids Science lab coat 

during the party. No messes left behind - just great memories!

$180 for up to 15 children - includes birthday child and participating siblings

($10 each additional child.  20 children max.)


(Activities will be adjusted to remain age-appropriate. Details and descriptions are subject to change)

Fizzy-Foamy-Slimy Lab: We'll do several fun and messy chemistry experiments with safe household ingredients. Activities include erupting volcanoes and making ooey-gooey slime to take home. An elephant toothpaste demo and color-changing glow worms may also be a part of the fun!

Air Power & Pressure Lab: We will harness the power of air as we make balloons & ping pong balls hover in mid-air and practice shooting with an air canon at fun targets (including the birthday child's birthday candles!).  Kids will each make and take home a mini air cannon. 

Water & Bubbles Lab: Appropriate for an outdoor setting.  We will do all kinds of experiments involving water which may include launching water rockets, making colorful blooming chromatography designs, making bubble snakes, and creating tornadoes in a bottle.  

Physics Fiesta Lab: We’ll make and race “Mexican jumping beans”, make our own party poppers, and create cool spinning noisemakers while learning about balance, energy, and sound. A great way to  celebrate the birthday child! 



Customized Postcard Invitations: $10 - you print as many as you like

Goody bags: $4 per child.  Each bag will contain at least 5 fun science-related toys such as:  test tube bubbles, tattoos, soak and grow bugs, growing spheres, glow in the dark slime, sun print paper, magnets, glow sticks, etc.

Dry Ice: $20 - A great enhancement to any party. Create bouncy fog bubbles for the children to catch and a giant, swirling Make-A-Wish “crystal” ball for the guest of honor

Allow 15-30 additional minutes.

Ice Cream Maker: $20 - Make homemade ice cream the scientific way, ready just in time for cake and presents. You supply bowls, spoons, etc. Allow 15-30 additional minutes. 

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