About Curious Kids Science

  1. Bullet    What is Curious Kids Science (CKS) and why is it a good idea for my school-aged child?

As parents, we want to offer our children the best experiences to prepare them for kindergarten, elementary school, and beyond. We also have a growing need to keep children interested in science, technology, and math as our global competition increases. Curious Kids Science offers hands-on, age-appropriate science lessons designed to enrich your childʼs science education. Young children are inquisitive, adventurous, and imaginative. They naturally love to explore the world around them. They love to ask questions, and they intuitively seek to find the answers. They also love to have fun! CKS offers all of this in a kid-friendly environment. When children investigate scientific ideas and explore their environment, independent thinking and awareness are nurtured. For older grades, CKS keeps kids interested in science by building on what they learn in school, providing more in-depth investigations, and showing them ways to apply science to every day life.

  1. Bullet    What qualifications do the Curious Kids Science instructors have?

Please refer to About the Owner to learn more about the owner and founder of Curious Kids Science.   Helpers/assistants must share the same passion.

  1. Bullet    Where does Curious Kids Science meet?

For weekly Curious Kids Science Club or in-class Hands-on Science Workshops, CKS meets at your childʼs school/preschool in a classroom or other designated space (i.e cafeteria).  For birthday parties, scout meetings, or summer camps, CKS can meet at a home, indoors or outdoors, or a park that you have reserved.

  1. Bullet    Is there parental or teacher supervision?

CKS instructors will focus primarily on the material at hand, so a teacher or parent volunteer must be present to assist the children in restroom breaks, or other situations that may arise.  During birthday parties, host parents must remain present.

  1. Bullet    What types of material will be covered in CKS workshops?

CKS instructors will introduce a scientific concept (i.e weather, states of matter, sound, color science), then incorporate organized experiments using kid-friendly, age-appropriate scientific language and lots of hands-on activities to reinforce the new ideas. The materials, observations, discussions, and experiments will allow students to deepen their knowledge and broaden their horizons as they explore the subject material in depth. In CKS Club, the general subject will change weekly. We may even coordinate the material with what your child is currently learning in class to enrich their knowledge.

  1. Bullet    Is it safe?

Yes!  We will discuss laboratory safety, however, most of the experiments performed by the children will be done using everyday materials that are safe to handle without gloves or eye protection. 

  1. Bullet    Are you insured?

CKS is fully insured.  Parents must sign a medical consent form and release of liability before child is allowed to participate.