Have someone else take over the science lessons for the day!

Engage your child in STEM learning with age-appropriate science lessons.

Curious Kids Science can come to your child’s classroom and provide a Hands-on Science Workshop or...

Why not start a weekly, hands-on, after-school Curious Kids Science Club at your school?

Kids LEARN, have FUN, make lots of MESSES, and create lasting MEMORIES!

Hands-On Science Workshop

CKS can enhance your science program with fun, interactive, hands-on science workshops.  Each of the In-Class Workshops lasts about an hour.  Workshops are inquiry-based and can be tailored to compliment your existing course of study.  Depth of study is adjusted depending on age level of students. See below for just a partial list of the many topics available.  Please inquire if you do not see the topic you want.  Up to 25 students.  Please fill out a request form for more information.

After School Curious Kids Science Club

We’ll meet approximately 1 hour per week in 6-12 week sessions.  Each week, a new science topic will be introduced and presented in kid-friendly language.  Children will participate in supporting lab experiments, activities, and games that build upon and reinforce the ideas learned.  Kids will keep their own lab notebook to record their observations and results. Parent cards are sent home so you and your child can discuss what we did that day.  Most times, there will be a take home item to share with family. You may sign up for more than one session if available.  Maximum of 18 children per session.

Payable directly by parents or using school funds.

More information can be found on the FAQ page. 

Have a representative from your school PTO/PTA or a teacher

contact CKS to set something up so you can join in the fun!

Don’t see your school listed? You may need to sign up directly through your PTO/PTA enrichment coordinator.