Attention, Scout Leaders! 

Curious Kids Science can help Scouts earn science-related badges

or provide a fun, educational science demo to your group!

I was a Girl Scout leader for five years and always had fun earning badges with my girls.  It was an added bonus whenever we found an inexpensive way to have someone from the outside visit our troop meeting and help us work on badges, or provide an exciting group demonstration. 

CKS will come to your meeting place and provide all supplies.

Groups Demos are informative, interactive, and fun!

A perfect opportunity for girls and boys to learn by doing!

Scout Badge Workshops are super hands-on and run about 1 hour.  Maximum 18 children per workshop. 

Great time to “Be a sister/brother to every scout” and combine small troops!

For Girl Scout Badge Workshops, choose from the list below: 

For Boy Scout Badge Workshops please contact CKS.

Badge descriptions are subject to change without notice.

Brownie Try-Its

  1. BulletWater Everywhere - Complete awesome experiments to investigate how water behaves. Discover the properties of water and learn why you float easier in the ocean.  Learn about the water cycle.  Use water to measure mass.

  1. BulletScience Wonders - Investigate the wonders of science!  Grow crystals, make bubbles, play with magnets, create static electricity, compare chemical and physical changes, and make secret messages.

  1. BulletScience In Action - Discover science in your life.  Make slime, solve magnetic mazes, make “breathing” and “buzzing” balloons, create Sharpie tie-dyes, make toothpaste fit for an elephant.

  1. BulletMovers - Create a variety of objects that move by the force of air while learning about Bernoulli's principal.  Race balloon rockets, make a windsock and a paper copter, watch ping pong balls hover in mid-air, catch smoke rings, and make a toilet paper storm.

Junior Badges

  1. BulletMaking it Matter - Be an engineer and a chemist for a day!  Make a bouncy ball.  Learn about electricity and circuits with Wilbur, the energy ball.  Construct bridges and test their strength.  Make and test pH indicators.

  1. BulletScience Discovery - Act like a scientist by asking questions, finding answers, and keeping a lab notebook.  Make a kaleidoscope. Discover how friction affects speed.  Have fun with optical illusions.  Use a chemical reaction to make an artistic design.  Learn about surface tension. Interview a woman who is a scientist.

  1. BulletScience in Everyday Life - Discover the world of science around you everyday.  Learn to take your pulse and listen to your heart beat.  Mix different colors of light and pigment.  Create an ancient time-keeping machine.  Learn about the forces of nature by simulating erosion.

  1. BulletScience Sleuth - Investigate just like a scientist!  Make a unique musical instrument.  Explore the world of the forensic scientist by dusting for fingerprints and classifying them.  Learn about DNA and genes. Make crystal paintings and take home a slow growing crystal.  Make an old penny new again.  Use a simple machine and a light source to simulate a sunset.

  1. BulletWeather Watch  Become a meteorologist!  Create your own weather instrument and observe the clouds. Investigate static electricity, temperature, air pressure, wind, clouds, and seasons. Make a tornado in a bottle!  Learn how to read a weather map to help plan your next Girl Scout outdoor event. Play weather games and determine what to include in a weather emergency kit.

  1. BulletNEW! - STEM Science and Technology Skill Building Badges -

        Entertainment and Technology Explore the physics of roller coasters learning a bit about gravity and centripetal force.   Discover some of the magic behind movie making by using some ancient animation methods and bring your own artwork to life!  Learn about sound waves as you make some special effect sounds you have heard in movies.

Can also tie activities into some of the Girl Scout Journeys