What parents are saying about Curious Kids Science:

  1. Bullet“My son had a blast... full of smiles when I picked him up.  He's been carrying his ocean around all day and totally knows the 3 states of matter.  Good job!”  ~ Tanya

  1. BulletThank you so much for offering this class.  What a great opportunity for the kids!  Griffin is having a blast and can't wait to come home and tell me about what he did.  It is so awesome to see a child excited about science! ~ Julie

  1. Bullet“Thank you so much again for coming to our girl scout meeting. The girls had a great time! I was very impressed how you held their attention!”  ~ Karen

  1. Bullet“Isabella and her friends had a great science birthday party!  Thank you!”  ~ Julie

  1. Bullet“My son really enjoyed the class yesterday - he was full of talk about the bubbles and the ocean in a bottle.”   ~ Emilie

  1. Bullet“Thanks for the great girl scout workshop, Carolyn!  The girls really enjoyed themselves and they learned a lot.”  ~ Jill

  1. BulletAnnalise LOVES science class so much.  I really appreciate all the fun things you do with the kids.  Annalise is learning so much and becoming very interested in science.  She especially enjoyed today's lesson and doing the fossil activity. ~ Yanie

  1. Bullet“Just wanted to thank you for giving my boys this opportunity. They always were very excited to go and really enjoyed their time.  Just wanted you to know and thanks again!”  ~ Amy

  1. Bullet“My son always brings up Zack’s science birthday party.”  ~ Gina

  1. BulletThank you! My son, Jack, really enjoys science club :) ~ Kris

  1. Bullet“My daughter loved the class yesterday.  And I wanted to tell you that you did a GREAT job.  The kids had so much fun -- I heard that from a couple parents already.”  ~ Paige

  1. Bullet“My son loved it & was excited when I told him he gets to do it again! Do you have summer programs for kids?   He loves this class.”  ~ Holly

  1. BulletThank you so much!  Taylor looks forward to class each week!  ~ Debbie

  1. Bullet“All evening my son has been saying, "Mrs. Florio says..."  Too cute!  You made a big impression on him!  He said you are so nice!”  ~ Wendy

  1. Bullet“My daughter has really enjoyed the classes.”  ~ Angela

  1. Bullet“Thank you so much. This is, as you would say, right up my son’s alley! Thank you again for allowing us to get him in at the last minute...he is already asking when he gets to go back! Let us know if there is anything we can do to help.”  ~ Amy

  1. Bullet“Thanks for your hard work!!”  ~ Shannon  

  1. Bullet“Just wanted to tell you that my son had a great time and talked about the class all afternoon.  He really enjoyed it and cannot wait until next Monday's class. Thank you!”  ~ Shelly

  1. Bullet“Thank you!  My son said he had lots of fun!”  ~ Denise

  1. Bullet“My son was in your your science session today.  I just have to tell you how much he enjoyed himself!  Thank you!  I only signed up for the first session.  May I sign him up for the 2nd session?  Is there available spots still opened?”  ~ Corin

  1. Bullet“Thanks so much for offering these classes at St. Veronica.  My son loved each session, and made lots of new friends which will be great as he transitions into first grade next year.  I would love for you to be able to offer classes for the other grades after school next year.”  ~ Wendy

  1. Bullet“He loves Science Class.  When I first heard you were doing this class I knew he would love it. You are really increasing the kids love of learning.  Your class is really great!” ~ Melissa